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English programme - Campus AKV|St.Joost 's-Hertogenbosch

Urbanisation is a reality across the world, with an increasing number of people living an urban way of life. How will daily life in the city be in 20 or 50 years? What can you design to respond to this? During the programme Arts & Urbanism, you will investigate how you experience the city and how you would want to change it. You will look for new perspectives on daily life in an urban reality.

You will encounter questions such as: 

  • What is a city? What are the characteristics of urban space and urban life. 
  • What is the impact of urban experience on the way we feel,  think and act?  
  • What is your vision on the city of the future?
  • How can you as a designer or artist influence urban life? 
Arts & Urbanism - exchange programme AKV|St.Joost
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What you will learn?

During the programme Arts & Urbanism, you will learn that you can view a city from many perspectives. In theory lessons, you will analyse the viewpoints of various artists, designers and stylists with regard to the urbanisation. You will reflect on the utopias they have depicted as well as the dystopias they have warned us of. You will explore your own viewpoints on the urban way of life and produce a research report that demonstrates how you have explored and represented your ideas about urbanisation.

Programma structure

This programme is taught in English and very suitable for students students in Fine Art, Graphic and Spatial Design, Photography, Film, Illustration and Animation from abroad and the Netherlands. You can expect a 40-hour workload per week. Your study activities include classes, lectures, workhops, studio and research supervision, entrepreneurship, study groups, excursions, presentations, debates, contacts with external partners and individual and group assignments. All project works are supported with a theory programme that focuses on the new forms of interactions being developed by contemporary artists and designers.

In short:

  • Erasmus+ exchange programme
  • Language: English
  • 30 ECT
  • Duration: 20 weeks / 1 semester
  • Deadline application: May 1 (Erasmus), June 1 (non-Erasmus),
    June 30 for students studying at a Dutch institute (via KOM)
  • Start: August 2019
  • Location: AKV|St.Joost campus 's-Hertogenbosch

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Are you a designer looking for ways to broaden your horizon by working together with differently trained creative spirits in the Arts & Urbanism programme? You can participate in this exchange programme if your home institution has concluded an agreement with Avans University of Applied Sciences - please consult the list of partner institutions. Under this agreement you can be nominated to study with us. Please contact your home institution's exchange coordinator for details. 

Application procedure

If you have decided to pursue a study programme at AKV|St.Joost - Avans University of Applied Sciences, you will need to apply. There are various application procedures:  

After you have been nominated by your home institution, you will be requested to send us your portfolio with recent work, a motivation letter describing your fields of interest, pitfalls and talents and what you would like to explore in the programme. Also we need a proposal of Learning Agreement in which you specify how many ECTS credits you need to gain. Your portfolio and motivation will be reviewed to determine whether you will be offered admission. If you are accepted you will receive a letter of acceptation, after which you are invited to officially enrol yourself through Avans University of Applied Sciences.

Deadline for application
To apply for a place as an exchange student we ask you to enrol before May 1 (Erasmus) or June 1 (non-Erasmus). If you are a student currently enrolled at a another Dutch HBO/WO Institute, you can apply before July 1 via Kies-op-Maat


For more information about the programme, please contact the AKV|St.Joost Exchange Programmes team